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Welcome to Julian Community Services District (JCSD)

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The Julian Community Services District or JCSD is a Public Agency formed for the purposes of supplying water to consumers in the 271-acre area of downtown Julian, California. The JCSD was formed in 1964 under the laws of the State of California. The JCSD operates the District on behalf of all its water customers.

JCSD Map PDF, Julian, CA

The JCSD Board sets JCSD policy to manage all property and equipment within the boundaries of the District (See JCSD Map above and overlay below), including wells, tanks, pipelines, connections, valves, gates, fences, pumps, chlorination stations and other property. The JCSD Board hires employees to manage and operate the water distribution system. The JCSD Board manages water being turned on, turned off, and regulated. The District Board directs the maintenance, repair, and replacement of JCSD property and equipment, and manages and supervises inspection of any part of the supply system. Though the District makes every effort to provide a smooth orderly flow of clean clear water to its customers, it cannot guarantee delivery of water and assumes no liability for any damages due to interruption of water delivery. Here at the JCSD, we caution all water users whose needs or business demands an uninterrupted supply of water to provide for adequate emergency supplies.

Julian Community Services District JCSD District Map

Julian Community Services District Map Overlay

Meet Our Julian Community Services District Management and Services Team.

We’d like you to meet our management and service employee(s): Harry (Buddy) Seifert (JCSD General Manager/Chief Operator), Kate Carmack (JCSD Office Administrator), Rodney Doss (JCSD Water Services Technician) and Roman Gutierrez (JCSD Water Services Technician).

Julian Community Services District General Manager, Harry (Buddy) Seifert

JCSD General Manager, Harry (Buddy) Seifert









JCSD Office Administrator, Kate Carmack


Julian Community Services District Employees

Rodney Doss, Water Services Technician

About Our Community of Julian, CA

The lulian Community Services District provides water to residents who live here and businesses located within the historic small town of Julian, a 271-acre community tucked in the mountains where State Routes 78 and 79 merge. Population is about 508 according to the 2010 census; the water district has 208 customers.

Julian Community Services Employees

Roman Gutierrez, Water Services Technician in front of Historic former Julian Jail.

Once a rowdy old west town, Julian has a colorful history dating back to 1869, when gold was discovered in the surrounding mountains and streams. Gold was the lure, but many people loved the beauty of the mountain scenery and decided to stay and become farmers who took advantage of the town’s cold-winter climate to grow prize-winning apples. Eventually the apples became the Julian Gold that lured farmers and visitors. In the fall, the apple industry draws thousands of visitors who stroll through the orchards and pick their own fruit, sip locally pressed apple cider, and pick up a few Julian apple pies.

In the 100+ years since the gold discovery, Julian has become a popular tourism destination that draws visitors year-round to savor fabulous apple pies, stroll the frontier style streets and shops, hike or bike mountain trails, visit two gold mines, enjoy cool breezes, and admire fall colors. In Julian, water is a treasured commodity: a valued resource for cleanliness and nutrition for residents and tourists, supporting local agriculture and forests and fighting fires when needed.

The Julian Community Services District is committed to meeting the competing demands of this golden treasure.